USB Cell + Wiimote Review

by Blaine - 27th December 2006 in Review

The ultimate in geek batteries, USB powered AA cells, meets the Nintendo Wiimote head on. If you haven’t had a chance to check out USB Cell Batteries then take a second to have a look. Essentially they’re rechargeable batteries that […]

Nectaris on Wii VC

by Blaine - 14th December 2006 in Games

NFG’s Patron Saint of Strategy Games, Military Madness, hits stateside next week. Audible waves of angst from Australia expected to coincide. According to a barely cryptic message on the Hudson forums, Wii owners will soon be blessed with Nectaris on […]

Send Anonymous Email To My Wii – I subject myself to hell for the greater good.

by Blaine - 23rd November 2006 in Games

Wiimail at you! While the Wii is in its infancy, people sending cute little messages to one another is still a good deal of fun. The only problem is the hoops that Nintendo makes you jump through in order to […]


One game that gets too little press in the Wii’s launch lineup is the Japan-only release of Kororinpa from Hudson.

Bottom line: It’s a great 3D Cameltry. Read the Review.