For Want of a Button

by NFG - 21st May 2015 in Hard Hackin, Mobile Devices

I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 4 phone, and I love it. It’s an amazing piece of hardware let down only by Samsung’s inability to write useful software. Or perhaps it makes as much sense to say that Samsung can’t […]

Android Review: Into the Dead

by NFG - 12th April 2013 in Reviews

Endless Runners are a pox upon the mobile market. They’re common, they’re easy, and who cares? Except once in a while they’re done right, like JetPack Joyride, or Temple Run (so I hear). Basically you run as far as you […]

The problem with Zen Pinball

by NFG - 7th March 2013 in Games

There aren’t many companies making pinball games, and fewer that are basically only pinball creators. Zen Studios do make other games, but they’re secondary (and basically irrelevant) compared to their pinball offerings. They take pinball seriously, and they make games […]


Zen Studios has announced Star Wars Pinball which might actually be the best-ever use of the license.

Bullet Hell on Android is Hell

by NFG - 27th January 2013 in Games, Mobile Devices

Cave, one of the last Japanese developers still making shooters, has eight titles for the iPhone, and two for Android, which they didn’t even release themselves. Rather, they farmed them out to G-Gee by GMO who – for a long […]

Android Tablet: Samsung Note 10.1 Review

by NFG - 26th January 2013 in Mobile Devices

As a follow-up to the Android Phone thread, here’s the tablet thread!  I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and I am unbelievably happy with it.  It’s only running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it’s relatively low-res for […]

Android Review: Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot Pinball

by NFG - 19th January 2013 in Mobile Devices, Reviews

Sometimes things surprise you. On the Zen Pinball forums someone mentioned this Rob-O-Bot pinball game and said favourable things about it. Others agreed, the developer chimed in, and so I went and had a look. I had seen the developer’s […]

Android Review: Super Hexagon

by NFG - 19th January 2013 in Mobile Devices, Reviews

There are games that are hard because they demand concentration and timing, and there are games where you’re not asked to do anything particularly complicated but your brain just freaks out and you die ’cause somehow, deep in your grey […]

Zen Pinball Review: Civil War

by NFG - 6th January 2013 in Mobile Devices

This is a pinball table with a story to tell. Specifically a story about a bunch of masked bodybuilders with their underwear on the outside of their latex suits. It’s not weird if you’re a comic book fan, but for […]

Zen Pinball Review: Excalibur

by NFG - 26th December 2012 in Mobile Devices

Excalibur is a table that is probably a perfect example of Zen’s problem with table design: it’s a colourful contrasty miasma of fancy artwork, and trying to figure out where the hell your ball has gone is an exercise in […]