Android Review: Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot Pinball

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Sometimes things surprise you. On the Zen Pinball forums someone mentioned this Rob-O-Bot pinball game and said favourable things about it. Others agreed, the developer chimed in, and so I went and had a look. I had seen the developer’s other games in Google Play, and been unimpressed. They looked… Amateurish. Maybe they were awesome, I never looked too deeply.

But Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot looked excellent, with a solid and consistent design, so I dropped the money and gave it a whirl. And it’s good!

The design of the game appears to be the work of Color Monkey, a design house in Sweden. And they certainly do know how to theme a game:

“The Intergalactic Rob-O-Bot has invaded Femtopia and is laying waste to this once peaceful city of the future. No-one knows why or where he comes from. It’s not important. Just help Bazooka Commandrix Betty save the metropolis from destruction! But beware, the Rob-O-Bot is programmed for REVENGE!!

In play, the game reminds me a lot of Amiga classics like Pinball Dreams and Slam Tilt. It’s fast, a little overwhelming at first, but fairly simple and it doesn’t take long to work out everything the table offers so you can concentrate on playing it.

This is a nice contrast to most of the Zen Pinball tables which seem to emphasize complicated systems and clever table elements. The fanciest thing on the Rob-O-Bot table is the third flipper, and this works in the game’s favour.

When I play, the second screen follows the first very quickly.

Missions are started by hitting the mission hole in the lower center of the table. Typically missions involve little more than hitting a specific ramp or alley X times until you win, but the game isn’t so easy that you can ace these without practice.

Like all good pinball games, this one sounds amazing. At least, on my Galaxy S 2. On my Note 10.1 there’s are serious sound bugs, but when I emailed the developer about it I was assured – in less than 24 hours! – that they were aware and it was being worked on. I am eager to see the fixed version, because the cheerful chipsounds are a fantastic match to the table, especially at high volumes.

Final Score: Get it / 10

Purchase it here.

[ Jan 19 2013 ]

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