Jul 11 2024

Old Post: Ai Cho Aniki

While preparing a this review, back in the 90s, someone said to me “Its just called LOVE SUPER BROTHER, and it has semi naked man flying around, doing gay gestures. No way its a gay game, oh no.” You definitely want to read more.

Jul 9 2024

Joystick Modding: Hori Fighting Stick SS

I love me some joysticks. I’ve got a large collection of the silly things, and I like to poke at their guts, tinker with the setup, and swap parts when the urge strikes. This time I put new Seimitsu parts in a 1994 Hori Fighting Stick SS.

Jun 24 2024

NFG talks about the Nuclear Option

Nuclear is dead. Here are the facts.

Jun 21 2024

Rediscovering: Old joysticks

In 2024, joystick maker Seimitsu’s catalogue starts at part number LS-32. In the 80s, they made a rotating ‘loop lever’ joystick, used in SNK’s Ikari Warriors arcade games, which was the LS-30. But I recently found a joystick that has a lower part number than that, and it doesn’t seem like it exists on the internet. Which is interesting!

Jun 5 2024

Rediscovering: Plok

Plok! was a Super NES game that didn’t make much of a splash when it was released in 1993. But how did it fare in 2012? This repost of a lost forum review will tell all!

Jun 5 2024

Signup Fatigue, Artists and Cara

Enshittification, Signup Fatigue, ActivityPub, and Cara. I try to pull these together and make a point.

Jun 2 2024

On Music

A whole ton of new music because why not?

Apr 7 2024

Rediscovering: Override

This little 2mbit shooter from St!ng, for the PC Engine, was made from pure enthusiasm. It’s not sophisticated or overly polished, but it’s solid and great fun.

Apr 7 2024

Rediscovering: Sutte Hakkun

Another SuperNES platform game in the Rediscovering series. This time, it’s Sutte Hakkun (すってはっくん), a Japanese puzzle game originally released for the Satellaview satellite add-on, and much later as a retail cartridge in 1999, the year of the Dreamcast.

Apr 6 2024

Rediscovering: Magical Hats

Back in 1989 I had imported a MegaDrive just before the Genesis launched, and got to experience the magic, or rather, the boatload of suck, that was the early 16 bit library.

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