Jun 8 2023

A Shitty Review: Costco’s Presenza Bidet

In Australia a Toto washlet costs more than $2000. Costco sells a Chinese-made bidet for $400. But the latter is, in a word, shitty.

May 29 2023

Taito Egret II Mini Joystick

Taito’s Egret Mini II Console has an optional joystick, and it’s a modern wonder. New and excellent mechanism, and solid construction.

Dec 31 2022

2022 Was Good For Music

A look back at all the amazing music released in 2022. Not ALL of it, of course, just the best of it. As decided by me.

Dec 29 2022

Arcade Cab Update

I’ve been tinkering a bit more under the hood of my Sega Naomi cabinet. Honestly, and I’m not proud of this, I spend way more time fucking with the wiring than I do playing games.

Dec 23 2022

Joystick Tomfoolery

A brief hardware post talking about arcade joysticks from Sanwa, Seimitsu and Hori.

Nov 14 2022

Review: Namco’s JogCon for Playstation

An old re-posted review of Namco’s cool but flawed JogCon racing controller.

Nov 12 2022

Fixing R-Type LEO

The sound on my R-Type LEO arcade board went a little funny, and this is the tale of how I fixed it.

Nov 12 2022

Fixing a Neo Geo MVS Board

I recently picked up an arcade cabinet and so I was pulling all my arcade games out of storage. I was somewhat surprised to find that some of them didn’t work right anymore, including my Neo Geo MV-1F board.

Feb 3 2022

NFG’s Guide to NFTs

What is the blockchain? The blockchain is a distributed ledger, a list of transactions that’s made robust by spreading it around on multiple computers. Each transaction is duplicated, stored on many computers, and verified using complicated math. That’s it. It’s great for verifying transactions. A solution looking for a problem As a distributed ledger, the […]

Feb 4 2021

Learning to Draw

Wherein I learn to draw by tracing stuff. =)

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