Feb 16 2024

BSKY, Mastodon and the Modern Internet

Recently my brain spotted a pattern, a correlation of sorts, between what was happening between the rising Bluesky network and the established Mastodon. It’s about consent, and how it’s misunderstood on the modern internet.

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Feb 3 2024

Updated: Sega Arcade Wiring Pinouts Page

I updated the GameSX Sega arcade pinouts page, adding the 3-pin coin input connector on Naomi and Net City cabs.

Jan 24 2024

Quickie: Fixing Memory Card Corrupted by Balena Etcher

Recently my camera’s memory card was corrupted by Balena Etcher – an oft-recommended Windows app to write images to USB drives. Here’s how I fixed it with diskpart.

Jan 15 2024

3D Printing: 8-way gate for Hori VX Sticks

A 3D printable octo-gate for Hori’s XBox 360 or PS3 VX sticks.

Jan 11 2024

3D Printing: Replacement Hinge for Hori Joystick

Hori makes some amazing joysticks, but the convenience of a storage compartment in some of them is marred by the their fragility. I whipped up a tiny device that replaces the outside hinge post of a Hori RAP V stick.

Jan 8 2024

KEIKOU Control Panel

I bought a New Astro City cabinet that needed a lot of work on the control panel. I stripped it down, got the rust off, primed and painted it, then added a custom dark overlay and installed Seimitsu’s KEIKOU (fluorescent) buttons and Bulett knobs. It’s hard to photograph but it looks gorgeous in person.

Jan 7 2024

8BitDo Retro Keyboard: Famicom Style

I picked up a Famicom keyboard back in Japan, and always wondered about converting it to a PC keyboard. But then, 8BitDo released a pair of mechanical keyboards, one based on the NES colour style, and one on the Famicom. They ticked every box.

Jan 6 2024

Arcade: KDiT Aluminum Bat Top

I love me some novelty items on my control panel. I’ve always had a few Sanwa bat tops in my knob sack, and I’ll throw them on from time to time to recapture that oldschool feel. When I found CQB had some KDiT aluminum bat tops in stock, I immediately picked up a pair.

Jan 4 2024

Retrofitting a NeXT Cube: Take Two

You might remember the first time I tried to shove a mATX PC into a NeXT Cube

Jan 2 2024

3D Printing: Credit buttons for arcade cabs

I recently picked up a 3D printer, after borrowing one for a few days and having a great time with with it. My second project is a pair of coin input mechanisms for SNK and Sega arcade cabinets.

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