NFGworld has been many things. If you go back far enough, it was a BBS running on an Atari Mega 4 ST, though it was called the Wombat’s Den at the time. Since then it has changed and evolved.

For a while it was a hand-edited pile of HTML pages, and most recently a forum of steadily decreasing popularity. Since the first day, however, it has been a soapbox of sorts, a place for NFG to talk about the interesting things he discovers, and as often as not, a place to do a little ranting.

And so it is today: NFGworld is NFG’s echo chamber, a place where he babbles about stuff to get it out of his mind and into yours.

NFG himself has similarly evolved. He’s a photographer at present, but is also a published writer, a layabout, roustabout & tout.

This site includes archives going back to c.2003. NFG is not now the person he was then. A lot of these old posts are cringeworthy and do not accurately represent the person NFG thinks he is now. They are included here for historical purposes, and NFG is very, very sorry for some of the things he said.

NFG misses the old internet, the old days, but he still has IRC, and this place. And you! <3



Jul 8 2020

that pre-rendered sprite pdf is pretty cool and informative, but also awful and cringy and biased by some nerd desire to elevate/gatekeep pixel art.

Your opinion doesn’t make a style of art bad and you clearly cherry picked shitty examples of stuff. Mortal Kombat 2’s amazing arcade sprites are nowhere to be found- wonder why?

It’s a graphical style as valid as any. Pixel art can be just as shitty and pre-rendered sprites


    Jul 12 2020

    “Your opinion doesn’t make a style of art bad,” really? But your opinion says you can come here and be rude about it?

    Fuck off.

Taylor Love

Sep 7 2021

That font generation tool is massively useful for Minecraft players I hope you keep it up forever. I usually combine it with one of my own programs to generate the art in game.


Mar 14 2022

Hi there! I found your site through a result on my Sega Teradrive search. On your page you mention that the PC cannot use the composite output, and I can assure you it most definitely can. I figured it might be worth a correction since your page is still coming up as a search result!


    Mar 27 2022

    It’s been a long time since I wrote that, and I don’t remember if that’s what I found in the manual, or where I got that information. If you know differently, please provide some evidence? I’d love to correct it if it is indeed wrong.

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