NFGworld has been many things. If you go back far enough, it was a BBS running on an Atari ST, though it was called the Wombat’s Den at the time. Since then it has changed and evolved, for a while it was a hand-edited pile of HTML pages, and most recently a forum of steadily decreasing popularity. Since the first day, however, it has been a soapbox of sorts, a place for NFG to talk about the interesting things he discovers, and as often as not, a place to do a little ranting.

And so it is today: NFGworld is NFG’s echo chamber, a place where he babbles about stuff to get it out of his mind and into yours.

NFG himself has similarly evolved. He’s a photographer at present, but is also a published writer, a layabout, roustabout & tout.

You can read about the old BBS days (an actual newspaper feature!), the recent forum which no one used (brb, crying), or you can just hang out here, which is cool too.

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