A Short Crysis Review

by NFG - 24th November 2007 in Games

Far Cry was awesome, totally cool, with a wicked setting and solid game beneath the unparalleled graphics. Crysis is the sequel, the game that many people – myself included – had firmly in mind when building a new PC not […]

Xpand Rally – A Brief Review

by NFG - 9th November 2007 in Review

It’s a little known secret that I love racing games. Not just any kind of racer though, but the rare breed that strikes a balance between simulation and arcade action. Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Sega Rally for the Dreamcast are […]

WoW made me sad.

by NFG - 13th September 2005 in Games

When World of Warcraft came out I was hyped. I plopped for the deluxe set with the deluxe case and the collector’s hardcover book and cloth map and soundtrack and I was hyped when it finally arrived. I was ready […]

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo

by NFG - 13th February 2004 in Games

So the demo was released. I think it’s bloody fabulous, and you can read why.

Copy protection…

by NFG - 12th July 2003 in Games

So they figure it’s a good idea to copy protect PC games by requiring me to have the original CD handy to play games. Sure, fine and dandy, except this copy protection gets cracked, without fail, mere days after a […]