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So they figure it’s a good idea to copy protect PC games by requiring me to have the original CD handy to play games. Sure, fine and dandy, except this copy protection gets cracked, without fail, mere days after a retail release. It always happens, that’s how it works.

Today some friends wanted to play Unreal Tournament 2003 with me, a game I love dearly and rarely have out of the player. Except… I was using the CD ROM drive for something else recently, and I’ve misplaced my UT2k3 disc. I own the game. I paid for it. I’ve had to CRACK IT twice to replace codes that can only be entered during an hour-long install procedure, by using a hacked app allowing me to insert my LEGITIMATE key again.

Now I have to crack it again to play without the CD I actually own. I have to risk viruses and thousands of popup adds on countless hacker/warez sites to crack an app I paid much money for. I had this problem with StarCraft too, a game I purchased TWICE. Pisses me off. [edit] A kind reader has informed me the latest update removes the need for the CD to be present. Thanks for the tip!

[ Jul 12 2003 ]

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