Neo Geo RGB/Composite Revisions

SNK tweaked the console over the life of the system. No surprise there, gotta keep things moving or you die, right? Well, many in the Neo community didn’t want you to know what changed, when, and how. One secret email to me later, along with a chart and some clues, and… Well, have a look.

Automated GBA News

I’ve created a script (for which I had to learn perl) which will scour the universe for the latest GBA news. Simply reload the page at any time for all new info about the GBA! Check it out!

–Alas, this doesn’t actually work anymore, the new server etc etc. It basically created short news releases that mocked the standard GBA ‘news’ of the time, which was always about old SNES games getting re-released with a sad new feature and a $40 price.