[ Jan 8 2016 ]

The New Bike

When I lived in Canada I was doing a lot of mountain biking. I had a habit of breaking cheap bikes and so I kept getting bigger and better ones, eventually ending up with a Specialized Big Hit, a monster of a thing that weight over 20kg but survived almost 15 years of my abuse […]

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[ May 1 2015 ]

Militarization and Societal Polarization

Talking briefly about what seems to be a concerted effort to shift cultural and societal thought about the veneration of our military services.

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[ Aug 25 2006 ]

Australia rocks.

I’ve been abused in the past for hating on Australia. I’d like to take this moment to write some positive words about this country. Specifically, I’d like to talk about Australia’s super-happy protective gun laws. Let’s start with the backstory. Nolan sent me an airsoft gun from Korea. Customs in Australia seized it and sent […]

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[ Jun 3 2006 ]

I hate this place.

It’s official. As of now, I hate Australia. Allow me to tell you a story about my incredible inability to make a collect call. I need to call Visa and change our address ’cause we’re expecting them to mail us a new card any day now. I can’t call the 1-800 number in Canada from […]

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[ Jan 18 2006 ]

Australia wins one

I bash Australia a lot. It’s expensive here, and the amenities are few. It’s a beautiful place and the people are nice, but it costs a lot to live here. But now, finally, Australia has won one. Bubblewrap is cheaper than Japan. I thought it was nearly double the price until it arrived and turned […]

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[ Jan 17 2006 ]

Life in Australia

It’s bloody weird here. It’s as if Australia’s stuck in some sort of pre-revolution world where corporations are not answerable to their customers, where fundamental services can just go dead without explanation or apology, where things just run out. Last week the power went out for over an hour. It was a clear evening, no […]

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[ Oct 12 2005 ]

Australian Rhinoceros Beetles

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a rhinoceros beetle on the side of the road. I screeched to a halt and picked it up, but it was dead. I was heartened, however, by the thought that beetles were around the area, and that I might actually find one or two. As you may or may not know […]

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[ Jul 5 2005 ]

Life in Australia

So far so good. It’s been three weeks today since we arrived in Brisbane. So far it’s been nothing but entertaining, despite some troubles with the new celphone. ProTip: Motorola sucks. Australians have a strange habit of shortening words and/or adding -o to the end of them. Service stations become servos, vehicle registration becomes rego, […]