[ May 28 2020 ]

NFG’s Amazing World Famous EDGE logo

A long time ago, c. 1989, I created a logo and a lot of people around the world used it, or one just like it, since then.

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[ Nov 26 2003 ]

Three updates!

1. Zumi was mentioned in this month’s Edge magazine. Never mind that the mag is a mere shadow of its former self, they’re talking about Zumi! 2. Nintendo’s Monopoly was good for us. 3. The forums lost a chunk of the archive, but there’s a new backup regimen in place and I apologize for letting […]

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[ Mar 18 2003 ]

“Fuck the hardcore”

There’s an excellent article in the latest Edge magazine by RedEye, a supposed industry hack who generally rants about shit I don’t care about but hit home this month. I’d like to present to you a few quotes if I may. He starts out referring to a girl he used to like because of her […]