[ Mar 3 2016 ]

The Korean Vistar 16

Korean companies released several Japanese consoles, including most Sega systems, some Nintendo ones and NEC’s PC Engine. Or rather, the TurboGrafx 16. It was renamed the Vistar 16, and all mention of the TurboGrafx or NEC or Hudson was removed. Sort of.

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[ Aug 6 2004 ]

Pizza with Kim Jong.

Last night I had a dream. I won’t clutter up this page with it… So yeah, I had a dream last night. I’ve always kinda wanted to visit North Korea ’cause it is – let’s face it – one of the last bastions of ridiculous propoganda with a freaky maniacal ruler. There’s apparently tours where […]

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[ May 15 2003 ]

The Sega + Samsung Saturn

Well, it really does exist. Please have a look at the incredibly rare and virtually unheard of Samsung Saturn. Mad props to The Gord for procuring this bit of novelty for me. Please pass your most magnificent eyes over this baby right here.

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[ Apr 20 2003 ]

This song rocks!!

Download this now!Space Fantasy (Pretty Version) I don’t know if it’s specifically game related though… Thanks to TheGord for the hookup. Now we just need it in .ogg format…