The same god?

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The Taliban shot a young girl in the head, you may have heard about it. She was taken to the UK and patched up by the best people and techniques medical science has to offer, and she appears to have come through successfully.

And she wants to help people, and educate people, and bring about a better world. Good for her.

And then she heaps all praise upon an invisible skyman instead of the people and skills and hundreds of years of relentless science that actually saved her.

It’s just because of the prayers of people – because all the people. Men, women, children – all of them, all of them have prayed for me.

Because of these prayers God has given me this new life and this is a second life.

One assumes this is the same god whose agents put her in this predicament in the first place.

Yeah, seriously, now that your head’s been patched up, try and rid it of this nonsense and build a better world where people aren’t using religion to justify their actions. Let’s be better for each other this time. Let’s be awesome because we want to.


I can’t find the original link, but this BBC article is similar.

[ Feb 5 2013 ]

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