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Rediscovering: Whirlo

I don’t know where I got the impression that this game was a good one. Perhaps I thought, you know, Namco. And the main character was charming, who doesn’t want to play a cute green blob-like thing on an exciting adventure? Well I can answer that now with some authority: I don’t. Here’s the exciting Read More

Rediscovering: Metal Warriors

Back in the day, c.1993 or so, I was managing a video game store called Master Player. It was pre-Playstation, and the games industry was sort of wondering what it was going to do next as the kids started to get tired of their 16-bit consoles, and so we had a lot of spare time Read More

Interesting SNES Demo Cart

I bought a few EPROM boards from someone recently and some had chips on them. Turns out it’s a 1996 Tokyo Toy Show version of Nazo Puyo 2, with new special screens, but missing about one third of the content in the released game. It’s kind of neat. Read More