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I was in Japan last week and while I had a fantastic time I didn’t find much to buy. A man can only eat so many メロンパン or メロンソーダ, ya know? I bought a couple of cheap trinkets for the camera, but was otherwise prepared to go home with total expenditures of less than two hunnerd bucks.

So I bought something ridiculous.

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That’s right kids, a Konami Beatmania IIDX Arcade controller, for PS2. What a behemoth it is, a real monster. It very nearly caused me to go overweight with my luggage, but the kind girls at the JAL counter didn’t give me any flack. Or, thankfully, that ‘wtf, what a geek’ look.

Now I just need a game to play with the bloody thing. I tried to burn one, but my slimPS2 won’t touch it. Looks like I’m stuck with legit software, which wouldn’t bother me except that, well, the controller itself cost as much as pretty much the whole IIDX library. =/

[ Sep 4 2007 ]

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