Australia, again.

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So here we are, living in Australia.

I’m working at my dad’s office. Currently I’m putting together web templates for his customers to select from, in order to minimize the design work we have to do. Typically this work is never ending, with tweaks and adjustments and misunderstandings stretching on for months, and I aim to minimize that. I don’t know what I’ll do after I’m done, but it’s fun and educational work. I’ll prolly be redesigning these pages soon, with my newfound skills.

There’s a little white gecko who runs down the wall inside the office every day between 1:30 and 3:30. He just crawls out of the roof, zips down the wall and – after lurking for a few seconds – darts out the front door. I tried to catch him the other day but he was too quick and he managed to crawl inside the window frame, where I thought he was trapped. I felt really bad about it for a while ’cause I thought he might have been stuck forever, especially since we lock the windows at night. But there he was again today, happy as only a gecko can be. Trivia: geckos make a really charming “cupe! cupe!” noise.

My dad should be back in two days. He left for a six week holiday the same day we arrived in Australia. It’ll kinda suck giving up his room with the en-suite and living in the cold downstairs room.

If you’ve been wondering what we’re up to, I apologize. I’ve not updated this page as often as perhaps I could have. I’ve been steadily adding pictures to the galleries (update: dead URL, sorry) however, and you should pop over and check it out if you haven’t. Look for 05_05_Australia for the most current stuff.

Before coming to Aus I decided there was some stuff I’d like to have here ASAP, like my Saturn, GameCube and EPROM burner. I kept this stuff aside when packing up the rest of my gear and I intended to ship it via EMS courier so I’d have it soon after arriving here. Silly me, when I stacked the PCEngine, Xbox and PS2 in the same box, along with associated cords and pads and whatnots, the weight hit nearly 20kg. The price to ship it was enormous – several hundred bucks – so all the stuff I wanted most is still in Japan.

Zumi’s really dying to start nesting, it makes her very uncomfortable to be living in a house that’s not hers. She can’t customize the kitchen, she can’t start buying new utensils, and she’s dying to get a new bed that’s not so damned soft. It’s making me a bit crazy, TBH, we’re not paying rent and there’s no one else here but Simon, the son of my dad’s wife (which makes us, what, step brothers? Weird…) and he’s not even here that much. It’s just us in the whole large house, it’s very relaxing, so what’s her problem? Bah.

The women here are gorgeous, and their breasts are very large. It’s quite a bit different to see a low-cut shirt and find it filled with breasts instead of chestbone like I most often found in Japan. On the other hand the girls here are, by and large, quite a bit heavier than the lovelies in Japan.

I need a mistress or three.

[ May 31 2005 ]

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