Blowing power supplies

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I’ve been working on my JAMMA gear here at home, trying to make my arcade games run on my TV. After a couple of weeks fucking around with joysticks and RGB cables I finally got things working, more or less.

I’ve got a weird problem with the TV, the image skips and rolls frequently, enough to be annoying but not enough to prevent play. I tried everything to fix it, and as a last resort I decided to try ANOTHER power supply (this being the third).

When I was in Japan I picked up a surplus PC power supply unit (PSU) and I pulled it out of storage, and checked it out. 50/60Hz (good), 100V & 240V (good). I plugged it in and turned it on and BAM, smell of smoke and asplodey bits.

Turns out the 100V/200V switch was hidden under a metal mounting plate, and I fried it before ever getting to try it out.

[ May 11 2006 ]

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