Canon, why do you hate me?

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Why does Canon hate me? My beloved and uber-capable Powershot G3 developed a really strange issue with horizontal lines in dark shots, so we called Canon. “Sounds like a problem with the CCD!” they said.

So we took it into Tokyo, to their Akihabara QR Factory (Quick Repair) and were promised a fix in a few hours. Great fun – do some shopping, have some great ramen, and pick up the camera again. Except… Nothing changed! Somehow they thought maybe if they replaced the mainboard – resetting my picture count and wiping all my custom sounds in the process – I’d be happy.

So we phoned, bitched, and sent the camera back. 48 hours later it’s arrived on my doorstep and woohoo! It’s fixed! All the lines are gone and it’s like a brand new camera, taking great dark image shots.

Except for this f**king ridiculous red pixel cluster that refuses to go away. It’s not even a single pixel, it’s like a 3×3 array. With a glow. The total is larger than 7×5 pixels!! Did they think I wouldn’t notice!?

I love this camera, it does amazing things, but c’mon guys, fix it!! As an aside, there’s one month left on my warranty.

[ Jul 24 2004 ]

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