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When I was sixteen I lived in Kelowna, in the Okanagan Valley. I was an avid comic buyer, (which contributed greatly to my perpetual poverty) and at some point I ended up owning a copy of Shadow Warrior, a locally produced comic with appalling lettering. I thought I might be able to do a better job, using my Atari ST computer and its reasonably powerful graphics tools.

And then my father calls, said someone put him in touch with these guys doing the Shadow Warrior comic, and they were looking for assistance with lettering and other graphic tasks, and would I be interested in meeting with them?

The universe, she works in mysterious ways.

And so I met with a guy named Terry, who was writing and generally producing the comic, and we found some common ground and we sat down and cranked out some text. I used Easy Draw, a primitive vector-graphics application, to create page after page of 300-DPI laser-printed narration and word balloons. Terry would cut out each chunk of text and paste it onto the page of issue 2. We used, if I remember correctly, a nigh-unreadable gothic font because Terry was convinced it was more authentic to the medieval theme of the book.

They had already produced Prototype Issue Zero (click here, read it!) and issue one, we were doing the lettering for the second issue. Bart, the artist, had improved his style greatly by this time and I was legitimately keen to see #2 hit the stands, it was far and away a better product than the first two issues.

We finished up the text and Terry went off to finish up the issue.

The coincidences, man… A while later I was in The Comic Shop in Vancouver, and I overheard a guy asking the staff if they knew anything about Shadow Warrior #2. I piped up, identifying myself as the letterer for the next issue, and assuring them that Bart and Terry were hard at work on getting it finished and released, and sorry for the delay.

I don’t think they believed me. I doubt I would have, a random guy in a comic store just happens to be involved in a comic being discussed? As if.

Terry stopped talking to me after a wretched gaming session where I bailed on his hideously convoluted post-apocalyptic RPG in favour of the girl behind the DM flashing her boobs at me. I don’t know what became of their plans for The Shadow Warrior after that. I know issue 2 was never released, and I felt bad about the guy in Vancouver, who was probably certain I was some sort of liar.

But somehow I wasn’t too concerned. After all, boobs.

I found the cover for #1 on

[ Jan 20 2014 ]

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