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I’m going to get a new camera. I probably won’t be able to afford it until I get paid for the book, but that said I can’t really afford anything until I get paid for the book. Moving on:

I currently have a Canon G3, which has served me very well for a very long time. It’s the top of the line for Canon, before moving into the DSLR gear, which I’ve always feared. DSLR introduces a whole new level of complication I’ve sought to avoid, but I think I’ve reached a point where I need t move into a camera that’s a little more advanced.

Primarily I’m looking for two things:
– Speed. I want something that powers up instantly, focuses in an instant and generally operates quickly. The G3 tends to ‘hunt’ for focus too much, and takes a good three seconds to power on.
– Low light, low noise. The G3 couldn’t even focus in low light half the time. Trying to take a picture of a possum in a tree at night was nearly impossible, it’d make four blurry shots for every clear one.

So I settled on the Nikon D70s, a DSLR which has achived practically universally great reviews. Its failings are few, and its benifits are many. And it’s a 50% resolution increase over what I’ve got (4MPix to 6MPix).

I’m really, really excited.

[ Jan 3 2006 ]

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