Girls (and games) of AOU 2005

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The AOU (Arcade Operators Union) show was this weekend. It was a livelier show than last year, and there were a few interesting things to see.

The show wasn’t very big, but still had giant beetles.

Cave had five machines running Ibara, as well as a few girls.

Atlus was in top form, though I can’t remember what they were selling… Something for the whole family no doubt.

Namco was very proud of Mario Kart though it really looked like an overhauled MarioKart64 to me…

Sega was there. They were showing some stuff

Ah bollocks, for the rest of the Ibara screenshots and the girls of AOU 2005, click here!!

— Oh yeah… Saw a very attractive Namco rep bend over to talk to a boy, who looked about ten years old. He just reached up and grabbed her boob, surprising her to the point where her jaw dropped and the boy sprinted off. For the next half hour the poor girl, completely flustered, kept her arms crossed.

[ Feb 19 2005 ]

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