“It’s me” fraud in Japan

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You see in the news an awful lot how crooks call old people and somehow confuse them into believing the caller is a relative in desperate need of cash, defrauding them out of thousands and often tens of thousands of dollars. It’s called “It’s me” fraud in Japan and it’s quite an epidemic, if the news is to be believed.

Zumi’s friend’s mother received a call like this recently, and I’m surprised at the amount of research the crook put into their attempt. First, the caller knew the daughter’s name, and where she worked, but didn’t know what she did there – in this case, she’s a nutritionist. The caller was hysterical and sobbing so the voice was quite hard to recognize – or not. She claimed to have recently injected a patient with the wrong drug or dose and caused them to slip into a coma. When the mom asked “What are you doing giving people shots?” the crook apparently replied in a normal voice “But… Don’t I work at a hospital?”

Needless to say this scam failed. =D

[ Nov 27 2004 ]

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