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Remember that speaker killswitch I made for my celphone? It was externally ugly so I remade it with a different switch and a button I ripped out of a dummy (demo) phone I bought at a surplus shop. It looks damned near factory now, shame it works in reverse now – no sound unless I push the button, so there’s no ringer at the moment. I’ll fix that soon I think. Pics forthcoming. (Pics attached, read more to view ’em)

In other news I spent a lot of time working on combining two PHP scripts, and the results were time consuming and complete failures for a couple of days. For reasons I still can’t fathom there are things the PHP Pear libraries still won’t do for me, and there are significant variances with the quality of the documentation on their site. Even with shitloads of sample scripts to work from I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why they wouldn’t work in my scripts. Combining the POP3 parts of one working script with another working script would cause them to fail, commenting out the other parts of the 2nd script would STILL result in a failure of the POP3 bits, it was fucking maddening.

But I kicked its ass eventually, and now – except for the fact it won’t post anything without an image (why, dammit WHY!?) it’s working very well. I had to learn a lot of new PHP, including PEAR’s POP3 module, and a few new PHP tricks like loops and string parsing. I’ve already forgotten it, but I know where to look for answers next time, and that’s the best I can really hope for in my old age.

Ah, the pictures:

[ May 8 2004 ]

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