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We’re still in the process of preparing for the move and things are progressing apace.

Today Off House (part of the network of stores that includes Hard Off, Book Off and others) is coming to check out our Fridge, Dryer, Kotatsu (A coffee-table-alike with a heater underneath it for warming the legs in winter), bookshelf and cupboard. If they don’t want to buy this crap from us we’re gonna be a little more up ye creek than we are now.

My stuff’s about 90% packed, with about 40% to go. Much better than two days ago when I reached the 90% mark with 90% to go. The amount of stuff that turns up when the visible stuff is packed astonishes me. What the hell do I need with seven litres of PC Engine controllers, or 40kg of AV cables?

I still need to pack up a half dozen boxes for tomorrow, then we get the fun of moving/junking everything else but the bikes, computers and clothes we’re taking with us. When we get to .au we’re in for some fun. Australian internet is soooo ass backwards – what’s the point of always-on ADSL that disconnects you every three hours for fifteen minutes without fail, and every two hours of inactivity? Their AUP prevents ‘any publicly accessible service’ so no webservers or family FTPs or anything of that sort. The AUP for (our Japanese ISP) reads, in its entirety, “You shall not spread spam of viruses.”

And!! $100 / month for 100mbit line, dedicated not shared, with no transfer limits and a one-time fee of five bucks for a fixed IP. Fuck Australia, I mean really. My dad was telling me about Australian ISPs, how they had originally offered unlimited services but were forced to cap transfers and online times because <gasp><shock> people were using the service! Don’t offer something you’re not prepared to deliver, isn’t that a golden tenet of business? It’s unconscionable.

So yeah, still having trouble with the server behind the disgusting ADSL router, but… I’m working on it.

[ Jul 4 2005 ]

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