My doorbell broke.

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My doorbell ceased to function a few days ago. I only noticed ’cause, as a complete fluke, I happened to be on my way out the door when a delivery arrived. The first time I watched the guy through the window as he filled out two forms, put ’em in my mailbox, and left. I was furious, how dare he not even try to ring the bell before leaving his detritus in my box? The next time it happened the guy knocked as a last resort, and I answered it, and tried the bell. “It doesn’t work,” he said, or words to that effect. “Well I need to pull pins out of your comrade’s voodoo doll then!” was my unspoken response.

In any event, I fixed it later that day.

At first I thought the switch, which looks a lot like the switch out of your mouse, had cacked it as they often do. Turns out it wasn’t the switch at fault, it was a hairline crack on the PCB. Some fucker’d probabbly mashed his stubby digit against it in a fury and caused the failure, I’ll find him one day and we’ll have some words. Problem solved, carry on!

[ Aug 23 2004 ]

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