My Official Nintendo Magazine articles!

I received in the mail today two of the newest NIntendo Official Magazines from the UK, with articles in ’em that I wrote. I’m very excited. =D

Here’s a link to a few of them; these are single-column or single-page short versions, and I’m happy to say I was allowed to slam the games when they sucked, no misleading people, me.

Gadget Racers
Asterix + Obelix XXL
Barbie: Secret Agent
Spyro Fusion
Crash Bandicoot Fusion

I also did a much longer article for Mario vs Donkey Kong, but I think you’re better served reading the one I did for this site (found here).

There are a few more in next month’s issue, but in the interest of pretending you’re actually going to buy the mag if you can’t read my words here, I’m holding off on posting them. (FYI: I’m in the August and September issues).

[ Aug 13 2004 ]

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