Nintendo’s Fils-Aime Speaks

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This is really interesting. Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime talks a bit about the competition during a recent phone interview with Engadget. Nintendo is playing it right, as far as I’m concerned. Everything he says rings true to my ears, and it’s a welcome fresh breeze after listening to Sony’s “Oh, it’s expensive!” lies, and Microsoft’s “Networking networking!” bullshit.

Fils-Aime says: “To be perfectly clear, the Microsoft and Sony strategies are based on overall corporate objectives versus what’s right for the consumer. That’s a reality. Microsoft is essentially trying to get you to put a PC in your living room because they are fundamentally a PC software company. Sony is trying to get you to put an entertainment hub that has Blu-ray technology because that’s important to their movie business and the rest of their entire electronics business.

We are a gaming company. We are gamers at heart. We love creating great, innovative content and superbly designed hardware, that’s what we do. And with that passion comes a laser-like focus to do things that are right for the consumer and right for the business. That’s the fundamental difference in our strategy versus our competition.”

[ Feb 22 2006 ]

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