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I use music to burn off the excess rage I feel, when I’m driving, when I’m working, when I’m riding or walking. I found a new band this week that absolutely whips the anger from me.

League of Distortion. I picked up three songs from Bandcamp that just silk silver tendrils into my entire mind and, just, godDAMN, can she sing.

My Hate Will Go On, Wolf or Lamb, and My Revenge are my most played tracks this weekend.

My Hate Will Go On

Their First Album, League of Distortion

I’ve always been a fan of genre blending music. When I was still in school, I used to tell my friends that the best music would be a mix of metal and orchestral, and they thought I was completely mad.

But the last few years have been astonishingly great for me, with as much genre bending as I could ever want, and it fucking works. It makes me so happy to have this one amazing thing lifting me up when everything else wants to press me down.

1. I hate the whole concept of *-pop, and I especially hate BabyMetal, from the name to the idols grafted on to a band for a hire. But when Electric Callboy did a crossover with them? Well fuck, that’s been in my playlist all week. And I’m not alone, apparently – 5 million views in a week. Wow.

2. PAIN, a one man band with a fun take on metal with synths, which always works. This new track is nicely defiant in a way I want to believe I am.

PAIN – Not For Sale

3. Powerwolf, blending operatic vocals with grand metal. When I first heard Demon’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend, I literally had goosebumps. Their latest, 1589, is a wonderous thing.

Powerwolf – 1589

4. I grew up in a small town, where the music you’d hear from passing pickups was either country, or AC/DC. I don’t mind the latter but I have a seething hatred for the former. But, again, Electric Callboy did a thing with a German country-adjacent band called The BossHoss, and… well fuck, now I’m listening to this.

The BossHoss & Electric Callboy – Nice But No

And a few little more for good measure. These are in my playlist this week:

This slow, impactful ‘cinematic’ version of Rebel Yell by Blue Stahli is really cool:

Blue Stahli – Rebel Yell

I was really into Celldweller when I lived in Japan. This new remastered, remixed Definitive Edition is wild fun.

Celldweller – Definitive Edition

Saltatio Mortis is a band I really enjoy, and they did an Icelandic language version of My Mother Told Me which is great but comes to life if you play it at 125% speed. Give it a try, it feels totally natural!

Saltatio Mortis – My Mother Told Me

And this is an old European drinking song which I’ve heard in three languages so far, but the German one by D’Artagnan is my favourite:

D’Artagnan – Was wollen wir trinken

And finally, this Live version of Triangle by The Hu really illustrates to me the power of a bunch of cool Mongolian guys who know their craft:

The Hu – Triangle


[ Jun 2 2024 ]

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