Phenomenal Travelling Array

We’re off on a little road trip this morning and it occurred to me that my little array of goodies would have made the old me – as recently as two years ago even – quite envious.

There’s the handheld GPS, the great camera, the complete music library and the phone used to make and send this image.

I mean, I’ve got a portable device to locate myself anywhere on the entire planet. I’ve got another containing every CD I’ve ever owned. Another to record it all at fantastic resolutions, and one more to keep myself in contact with the universe at all times. Astonishing, really. It’s a shame people want to break it. The phone companies are convinced they have to lock you to their service, like making us angry is good customer relations. Companies like Sony want to dictate what we buy, from who and where we’ll play it.

NTT Docomo is offering domestic-rate cellular calls for all of their FOMA phone users from anywhere in Athens for the Olympics. This stuff is easy to do, and the first company to open up and make their phones compatible and cheap with fixed-rate uncomplicated calling is going to take over the world. But of course they don’t see this, they see year-end profits and quarterly statements and locking customers unhappily to their gear, and offering poor service. Grr.

[ Dec 8 2004 ]

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