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Many of you might not know I’ve been writing a book. I don’t talk about it much ’cause of the problems I’ve been having getting it done, and working with the publisher, but it’s starting to look like it’ll actually get printed, so here’s an update.

It’s nearly finished. I’ve completed the main body of text (some 40,000 words) and supplied about 99% of the images. Recently I finished writing all the captions for the images, which accounted for several thousand more words.

The whole adventure has been something of an ordeal, with the publisher seemingly unsure about who’s in control.

They tapped me to write a book for them. It was their idea, their book. I’m fine with that. They changed the focus right at the start and moved into an area I’m not as familiar with, but I knew that before I signed the contract, and that was fine. It was their book, I was writing it for them.

The editor asked me to provide a rough contents list first, but then said he was too busy to check it and I never got feedback on whether it was acceptable. I was told it was my book, and I could write what I wanted. So I did.

I provided the pictures I wanted too. There were never enough pictures for them, they wanted more so they could choose the best ones. But then I was catching flack for not selecting the pictures I wanted to use. This happened a few times, where they’d tell me to do it however I wanted then tell me I was doing it wrong.

I’ll talk more about it once I get paid. ;)

It’s due to be printed in May.

[ Sep 1 2006 ]

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