Plenty of changes around here.

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Things are happening. Things are always happening, of course, but lately they’re happening a lot.

First, the big news: I got paid for the book. More on that soon. With the money I’ve paid off most of my car loan, and I’ve earmarked a couple of dollars for some new toys.

My love of photography has increased lately. With the book money I’ll be getting a new lens, a wicked nifty 18-200mm beauty, which will allow much greater flexibility than the 18-70mm I’m using now. I look forward to that. The other day I took a picture that I’m really impressed with.

I joined a gym. I’ve been going frequently and am rewarded with near instant results. I’ve always had a pretty decent metabolism, and it’s nice to see that it’s not failing me in spite of my advanced age. I leg-pressed 300kg the other day. Almost triple my body weight. Yow, who da man? (Hint: me)

Zumi’s still in Japan, she’s still sick, but getting better slowly. I look forward to her return, but in the meantime the girls at Domino’s keep me in smiles.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: We’re evicted. The landlord sold the house we rent so I’m scrambling to find a new place. Four weeks is all I’m allotted, it sucks, like I need this extra stress? Bah. There’s no houses to choose from either, rental properties are down 75% compared to a couple of months ago. <sigh>

[ Jan 6 2006 ]

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