Return of Grassy Platforms

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Welcome to the third installment in the Grassy Platform series of pointless pixel pondering here at NFGworld. Click here! if you’d like to see the rest of the series.

If you look hard enough you start to see grassy platforms everywhere. Especially if you look at Westone’s WonderBoy series.

While technically not a WonderBoy game… well, it might… Look, it’s complicated. This is Takahashi Meijin’s Bouken Jima, also known as Adventure Island, for the PC Engine.

And this is from Monster Land IV, which is technically not a WonderBoy game, but… Well, look, it’s complicated. MegaDrive pixels, hoo rah!

And then there’s Mizubaki Daibouken, AKA Liquid Kids. It’s very likely the best platypus water-throwing simulator ever made by Taito in 1990!

Old games are ugly. There’s just no getting around it. But we must still play them, for they have grassy platforms. This is Blaster Master, for the NES.

Thanks to Nolan for pointing out that Actraiser has grassy platforms. For some reason I’d never played it.

Blackthorne is a very dark game, and most of it is played in tunnels where, it seems, moss grows where grass won’t. But it counts, it totally counts.

Mr. Nutz is a European platform game, and it has all the floaty jumping and boring levels you’d expect. But lookit that grassy platform, eh? Look at it.

And speaking of awful European platform games, Chuck Rock has some awful looking grass. I mean. What.

You thought perhaps we’d already seen the end of Joe and Mac, but here’s the third game on the Super NES, featuring two kinds of grassy platform in one scene! Oh, the extravagance!

[ Jun 20 2013 ]

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