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I like fonts. I had weird fonts on my Atari 8bit computer; I hacked up bitmap fonts to print my own mad letters on my SLM-804 laser printer on the Atari ST, and I hacked a receipt-printer to give me extra characters. Fast forward past all that, and I love arcade fonts. MAME made it easy to rip fonts and other graphics from vintage arcade games, and after a Japanese site (now defunct) showed how cool a few of them were, I went collecting.

And then I wanted to use them, but cutting and pasting 8×8 pixel chunks to create words from letters was a massive effort. So I wrote a script. I’m not much of a coder, but this script worked first try and converted text strings to graphic output using arcade fonts.

To date, there are font count 8-pixel fonts and more than larger fonts. As more fonts are ripped, they’re added to this thread on the old forum.

You can muck about with them, creating your own fonts, using the fontmaker page.

The code is released to the public domain so you can download it and use it as you see fit.

And here’s the complete list of 8×8 fonts:

5 thoughts on “Arcade Fonts

  1. Awesome work 🙂
    To sad that you closed your forum, i know how it is to lose the forum, because nobody posts anymore….damn smartphones, and youtube destroyed all.

  2. I use these fonts all the time for making minecraft pixelart. Usually with some combination of your font maker, some random pixelart I find on the internet, and pixel stacker. Thank you for this awesome tool.

  3. Humm… For some reason, the sample text of the font from a given game doesn’t seem to match those in the archive…. Not sure if they were just updated or renamed…

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