So, how about that Nintendo DS, eh?

So Nintendo has announced their new amaze-o-tron product, the DS. According to the official press release (seen here on GameSpy) it’s a dual-screen portable system. The press release is phenomenally light on details – there’s no information about titles, developer support, design, features, resolution, processor… Just a vague comment about ‘semiconductor memory up to one gigabit’ and dual processors.

Nintendo also stated that it will not be marketed against the GBA, but that it in effect will have a niche of its own to fill. No one but Nintendo knows what the plan really is, but without further information it’s impossible for me to come away with this with much more than confusion. Gone are the days when I could count on Nintendo to be going somewhere with their freaky announcements, now I’m filled with dread instead of anticipation.


[ Jan 21 2004 ]

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