Sony acknowledges PSP faults.. No, they don’t.

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You might remember my recent harsh appraisal of Sony’s PSP. According to a GameSpot article the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi, said only .6% of the PSPs sold have been returned, and that people complaining about the buttons are overreacting to intentional design choices.

Which completely dodges the issue of defective units where the buttons don’t just feel different but actually hit the screen preventing comfortable use.

This is an acknowledgement of nothing, Sony’s just dodging the question. GameSpot’s article only serves to help gloss over the significant variance in Sony’s manufacturing process which often results in very unsatisfactory user experiences.

Happily my unit, purchased only ten days ago, works fine – but I’ve used units that don’t, and I know people who have imported one and are stuck with it. Sony’s non-acknowledgement serves no one but Sony.

[ Jan 25 2005 ]

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