Sony: Crack Smokers

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Not three weeks ago they were admantly proclaiming a spring 2006 launch, but now it’s November, according to the Nihon Keizai Newspaper (No article link, it’s behind a paywall). Sony’s Kutaragi has tried to soften the price blow by scaremongering: “It’ll be expensive”, but this is obviously an attempt to make people happy with the marginally-more-than-normal launch price. First it had no harddrive, but now it does, so Sony can compete with Microsoft, offering a home media server and downloadable… Downloadable what, exactly? PS1 games? Um, downloading massive CDs of content isn’t remotely a mass-market idea yet. The rate of broadband penetration increase isn’t nearly high enough to count on the sort of bandwidth required. Sony’ll have to create a whole new library. Their in-house back catalogue’s laughable anyway.

And now, they’re claiming six million. They’ll make a million a month, and sell six million in four months. Wait, that’s two million more than they’re making, but maybe they’re just pulling numbers out of a hat. Every console Sony’s launched has been fraught with shortages (in fact most consoles are). Sony promised to launch the PSP globally, but took nine months to roll it out in three regions.

Sony, in short, is talking out their ass.

And the PS3 is ugly. Real ugly. The console’s a FMTowns Marty with a chunk missing, and the controller’s a clone of the Alps pad from 1996. Frankly I’m bored of the whole affair, and I’m tired of Sony’s lies.

According to GamesIndustry our friends at Sony – who’ve long been failing to emulate Nintendo’s hype mastery – have made another mind-bogglingly stupid announcement. They’re claiming they’ll shift six million PS3 consoles in four months.

Does anyone believe this crap?

Warning: Ranting ahead.

[ Mar 16 2006 ]

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