[ Jun 24 2024 ]

NFG talks about the Nuclear Option

Nuclear is dead. Here are the facts.

[ Mar 17 2019 ]

Face Blindness

A friend of mine discovered, as an adult, that she’s been face blind her whole life. It was a remarkable and powerful discovery.

[ Apr 10 2018 ]

Beautiful Rant: My Life

Gravis rants about stuff that really does suck. It’s good.

[ Sep 5 2016 ]

A View of Old Akihabara

Akihabara ain’t what it used to be, but what is? Here are some then and now photos.

[ Feb 11 2016 ]

Thinking about Video Games

I’ve never really been comfortable with modern game thinking. A lot of people I know subscribe to this idea that videogames can be more than they are, that they should be more. More emotion, more story. They see this as the way forward, a way to… I don’t know, legitimize the medium they’re invested in. […]

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[ May 21 2015 ]

Things Samsung Should Fix

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s a brilliant piece of hardware let down by its software. Samsung does not, it seems, give much of a shit about their software. My guess is they would rather not bother with software at all, but because no fool will buy amazing hardware if it doesn’t […]

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[ May 1 2015 ]

Militarization and Societal Polarization

Talking briefly about what seems to be a concerted effort to shift cultural and societal thought about the veneration of our military services.

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[ Dec 24 2014 ]

I demand to know.

“From the discomfort of truth there is only one refuge: ignorance. I do not need to be comfortable, and I will not take refuge. I demand to know.”

–Richard Morgan, from the novel Black Man.

[ Jul 16 2013 ]

America: Schizophrenic Clusterfuck

If freedom of speech only applies when convenient, it’s not a freedom at all.

[ Jul 9 2013 ]

The machines are getting it wrong.

People make a big deal about machines learning about us to try and sell us stuff. But so far it seems that the machines are getting it wrong.

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