[ Jun 2 2024 ]

On Music

A whole ton of new music because why not?

[ Dec 31 2022 ]

2022 Was Good For Music

A look back at all the amazing music released in 2022. Not ALL of it, of course, just the best of it. As decided by me.

[ May 21 2015 ]

Samsung Note 4: One More Button

Technically it’s illegal to touch a mobile phone while driving in Queensland, but I figure it’s the lesser of evils when the only legitimate alternative is to ram other cars off the road when a shit song can’t be skipped. So I had to add a button to my Galaxy Note 4 somehow.

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[ Apr 20 2003 ]

This song rocks!!

Download this now!Space Fantasy (Pretty Version) I don’t know if it’s specifically game related though… Thanks to TheGord for the hookup. Now we just need it in .ogg format…