[ Sep 15 2020 ]

Rediscovering: Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

From the archives, a look back at Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts for the Super Nintendo, originally written in 2012.

[ Oct 13 2019 ]

Rediscovering: Demon’s Crest

Demon’s Crest was overlooked in its day, but it remains one of the most sumptuous action titles for the Super NES.

[ Feb 21 2018 ]

Rediscovering: Whirlo

This game is bad in ways I honestly can’t believe.

[ May 16 2013 ]

Rediscovering: Front Mission: Gun Hazard

Having a look at Gun Hazard, a Super Famicom game from Squaresoft.

[ Apr 29 2013 ]

Rediscovering: Metal Warriors

How is Metal Warriers, 20 years after it was released for the SNES? Still brilliant.

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[ Feb 16 2004 ]

Interesting SNES Demo Cart

I bought a few EPROM boards from someone recently and some had chips on them. Turns out it’s a 1996 Tokyo Toy Show version of Nazo Puyo 2, with new special screens, but missing about one third of the content in the released game. It’s kind of neat.