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If you’re at all interested in the Tetris/Phear Saga I’ve got the full text of H2O’s brochure here. At the time it was written it’s pretty clear that they were a small team of bedroom coders.

I wonder where they are now…

All errors are theirs, unless they’re mine. All the misplaced apostrophes are theirs. All the spelling mistakes are theirs. The bad grammar is theirs. I did not make any errors transcribing this (I think). It should be noted that the original text was in ALL CAPS.

H2O Entertainment Inc. is a “Hands on” video game-console entertainment research & development company. H2O Entertainment’s focus is creating innovatinve, high quality software.

H2O Entertainment Inc. has affiliates who have done products for the PC, Amiga, Sega Genesis and 3DO. Our team members have vast experience on what makes a great video game.

Our esources for development include many machines ranging from several Amiga’s & PC’s to a Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Extreme running all features of Alias. As well as a extensive set of programming tools which have been developed over the years.

H2O Entertainment Inc. is specialized in 3-D geometry focusing on virtual reality. Our programmer’s have been doing assembly programming for over 10 years, right back to the Commodore-64. This experience has guided us on optimizing routines so they are fast as possible. Our 3-D designer’s have over 8 years modeling experience and know exactly what it takes to make the best 3-D objects.

H2O Entertainment is a team of individuals that have worked for other companies and came together to form H2O Entertainment Inc. As a group of friends we expect to make the best games possible.

H2O Entertainment is glad to produce games for the Atari Jaguar. Atari Jaguar game-console is an amazing machine and incredibly fast. Until now there hasn’t been enough power to do the type of games we wanted. Be prepared to see something radically new!

The other side of the brochure had some additional text and specs.

“Phear it to chunks” is a great tagline. No, wait… What?

“Be blown away with the experience of moving, rotating, spinning and zooming into 4-dimensions. Don’t miss this ultimate experience! Using the power of Jaguar 64-bit entertainment system.”

Phear Specifications:

  • Resolution: 384×240 pixels
  • Palette: 65,536 colours
  • Polygons: 50,000+ / second
  • Sound: 8-channel sound / FX
  • Playability: Awesome
  • Geometry: 4-Dimensional
  • Lastability: Virtually Addicting
  • Music: 12+ Modules
  • Release Date: January 1995

I should clarify that I totally love Tetrisphere, it’s one of the N64’s unquestionably great moments, and one of the few that didn’t rely on a license or character to achieve this greatness.

[ Aug 30 2016 ]

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