The Atari Curse: Part 4

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The Atari name is a curse. Atari were kings of the world back in the day, but Time Warner bought Atari, and squandered it all. That’s part one. Then the Tramiels, kicked out of Commodore, bought Atari and drove it into the ground, more intent on stock manipulation than releasing quality products. That’s part two. Hasbro was part three, they couldn’t turn a profit with Atari’s unbelievable IP after paying a paltry five million for the name and the back catalogue.

And then Infogrames bought the marque, and look where they are now: $67 million in the red this year. Bruno Bonnell explains the strategy to keep Atari sucking harder than a black hole:

“The Atari brand has stood for innovation and pioneering spirit for more than 30 years. […] we must recapture what made Atari an iconic brand. […] we will focus our efforts on established franchises, new major motion picture licensed IP with significant marketing campaigns…”

That’s exactly right, Bruno: recapturing innovation and the pioneering spirit requires sequels, licensed crap, and enough advertising to sell your shitty games to the unwary. Were you always this stupid or is it the Atari curse that makes you a moron?

[ Jun 15 2006 ]

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