The PS2 ain’t so bad

So my friend lent me his PS2 and a smackload of games. I’ve been playing them and I’ve gotta say, after no less than three and a half years, the PS2 finally has a small selection of software that doesn’t suck. Here’s a list of the games I tried and the first impression scores I gave them.

Amazing visuals and great sound combine to elevate the merely average gameplay into something amazing. DDR meets Internal Section. Lovely.

My guess is it gets repetative fast. This is confirmed by Nolan, among others. Amazing presentation.

Low res? Damn. Seems to be Prince of Persia meets Whistler’s Brother. Excellent production values, lots of frustrating gameplay.

Problems with the levels blocking the camera view. Excellent theme, but I’m tired of this style of hero. Effeminate hard-core messy-haired angst-ridden loser men are the RPG-staple SD character of the modern age.

Fantastic work, it’s like expendable but horizontal. Good stuff.

Stretch Panic
45%This is crap. Complete garbage. Treasure made this? Was it unfinished? Bah!

Guilty Gear X2
This… This is lovely, lovely stuff. Pure beauty. Every frame is a work of art. Some of the rock n roll inspired charas could use an overhaul but it is, at first and second glance, as nifty as my beloved Samurai Shodown.

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