Working in an Indian call center

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So not long ago I had to call 3, my cellular provider. While we waited for answers I chatted up the girl who answered the phone.

The company that pays them chooses their name. Though she said her name was “Julia” she confessed that it wasn’t her real name, and said it was assigned to her when she started working there. Company policy prohibits them from giving out their real names, which is unfortunate.

It’s an interesting tack, giving random names (but assuredly not using the same one twice) to your employees. I can’t help but wonder if that doesn’t lend their job a sense of unreality, and whether it prevents them from taking the job seriously on any level. I mean, if I rocked up to work and people called me Dave all day I think I’d have to find that pretty weird.

[ Jul 8 2006 ]

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