3D Printing: 8-way gate for Hori VX Sticks

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I picked up a Hori PS3 VX stick in Japan. It was cheap and solid and not huge like their RAP sticks tend to be. But, as usual for a mid-range Hori stick, it has a square gate. I don’t like square gates, I’m a big octo-gate guy. I went looking and found that no one had tackled this stick yet. Jeff Chen (Twix link) had created a wonderful octogate for a much older Hori Stick PS1 era) and I used (copied verbatim) the central modular device for this design.

Jeff Chen’s gate (left) and original Hori VX joystick

But the stick Jeff’s device was designed for was not the same size or configuration as the VX stick, so after printing, filing and trying to install, I had to keep hunting. I did find this clever 4-way gate for Hori VX by ronfar623, but I couldn’t make it octogate. His design pushes the limit of what can be done without replacing the stick base..

ronfar623’s 4-way (right).

So I took Jeff Chen’s modular gate and stick foundation, used ronfar623’s screw-hole measurements (I mean, I could have done that myself, but ugh, effort, and then expanded the foundation to fit the wider claw spacing. The claws themselves also had to be modified, as the lengths differed, and the older stick used a straight claw and the VX used a tapered claw.

The new Hori VX octogate.

Ultimately this is a modification more than a creation but it took a lot of work to get the spacing right. When I finally installed it, I didn’t bother with the claws. The screws hold everything to the joystick’s shell with zero movement, and trying to scrape and file the claw holes to make them fit, plus print the damn things when my printer was uninterested in making them stick to the build plate, was too frustrating. So it works both ways.

Installed in the VX without claws.

Anyway, enjoy!

Download: VX-8-way & claw (STL)

[ Jan 15 2024 ]

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