3D Printing: Replacement Hinge for Hori Joystick

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Hori makes some amazing joysticks, but the convenience of a storage compartment in some of them is marred by the fragility of the things. It’s almost more common to get one without a flap than with. I managed to find a used one with a working cover, but I immediately dropped it and broke the hinge. Oops.

The hinge is a simple mechanism. On the stick base, there are two posts. On the flap, two holes. Both are small, plastic, and fragile. After buying a 3D printer recently I’m starting to see that everything around me can be fixed with a bit of time and melted polymer.

Anyway, I whipped up a tiny device that replaces the outside hinge post. Simply cut a 1.5 x 1.5mm hole where the old post was, and slip this wafer into place. Done.

Note that it installs at an angle – against the metal base of the stick on the hinge end, flush with the screw post at the other end. It’s not flat against the metal end to end.

It’s surprisingly effective. Once installed, it just works. It’s stupid that I have to spend my time fixing this, but I am much happier with a working cable flap than without. So. As you were.

Download the printable (STL) file, if you wanna!

[ Jan 11 2024 ]

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