A View of Old Akihabara

by NFG - 5th September 2016 in Editorial, Japan, Social Studies, Technology

Things change. Nothing stands still, no matter what we’d prefer. What seems to be a static, ordered existence is constantly in flux and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all going to rise and fall in the blink of […]

Australia, lol

by NFG - 18th April 2013 in Australia

While Australia fights over 25 or 100mbit internet, Japan casually starts rolling out 2gbit. #Australia #lol #cry This utter failure is all too common in the West, where the infrastructure players refuse to compete with each other, instead drawing lines […]

Google + Australia = Sucks

by NFG - 8th April 2013 in Australia

When I search Google for information about all I get are endless seas of links to pages selling the item, or worse, endless links to pages that have machine-created templates with inserted in the appropriate spaces. Like reviews sites which […]

A new toy

by NFG - 4th September 2007 in Personal

I was in Japan last week and while I had a fantastic time I didn’t find much to buy. A man can only eat so many メロンパン or メロンソーダ, ya know? I bought a couple of cheap trinkets for the […]

New Japanese gaming ads

by NFG - 31st December 2006 in default, Games

44 more! 17 good ones! 12 over here! 39 more ads! 11 ads zOMFG! And finally, here are over a hundred more J-Commercials! * Never mind that there are only 200 linked from this page, there are 300+ on the […]

Some slightly more up to date arcade news

by toby - 2nd November 2006 in Games

Afterburner Climax (which is either Sega’s new arcade game or a jet powered vibrator) is currently on public location test in Club Sega Shinjuku in Japan until the 12th Feb. If you can make it there it’s probably worth a […]

Ebay, cursed ebay.

by NFG - 1st October 2006 in Editorial

For most of the five years I lived in Japan I was selling games on ebay. It was fun, back when you could get stuff cheap and sell it dear, but times changed. Still though I find stockpiles of games […]

Oh how it sucks to be me.

by NFG - 29th September 2006 in Japan

So we rocked up to the airport and filed into the plane like good sheep, only to find that our window seat was a dirty lie of the worst sort. What kind of bastard fills in a window??

Back in Japan

by NFG - 4th September 2006 in default

I’m back in Japan for ten days. I arrived yesterday in the early evening, after what can only be described as a fantastic flight. When checking in at the Brisbane airport I had asked for first row seats, since the […]

Vodafone useless, pulls out of Japan

by NFG - 3rd June 2006 in Japan, Tech

The newest vodafone unit, the Sharp 904-SH, is like a mini deity. Check out this feature list: VGA screen, Bluetooth with a neat new ‘near chat’, letting you talk to people within a ten metre radius, 3.2 megapixel camera (featuring […]