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Afterburner Climax (which is either Sega’s new arcade game or a jet powered vibrator) is currently on public location test in Club Sega Shinjuku in Japan until the 12th Feb. If you can make it there it’s probably worth a look on the off chance it’s not an arcade game.

According to the ever elusive grapevine, Virtua Fighter 5 isn’t getting an arcade release outside of Japan (at least it’s not getting a release in the UK and the USA) so expect an uproar from the fanboys and terminal apathy from everyone else…

Homura 2 is in the works from Skonec, the peeps who brought you, erm, Homura… (O.K. Psyvariar as well)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Union vs. Z.A.F.T is the latest Gundam game from Banpresto, making it about 40 in the past 6 months or something.

The AOU arcade show is on in Japan soon, no doubt there’s going to be some news from that as well, but that’s for another time.

I’d put links in, but I’d hate for you to think I was keen and not the lazy bum I actually am.

[ Nov 2 2006 ]

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