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So, I’m Toby from System16, NFG’s talked me into posting at his site so I better actually post something before he shows the photos of me, the milk, the llama and the shower. I’ve probably crossed that invisible line again haven’t I?

Anyway, on with some game news I suppose, you’re going to have to get used to arcade news from me, as that tends to be my thing. I’m about as interested in consoles as I am in having a colostomy bag installed. You might get some random PC game stuff occasionally tho’ so you’ll have to bear with that…

First, all new old news! My ATEI Arcade Show review, originally from my own site!

Time Crisis 4 rocked in many many ways, House of the Dead 4 was a great braindead shooter (even tho’ the hand motions to unjam your gun were…erm…suspect…) DDR Supernova took ages to load and made my legs hurt and my pits sweaty, Power Smash 3 looked loverly, Metal Slug 6 looked arse, Battle Gear 4 had the best cabinet and Fist of the Northstar was as confusing as the cartoon (and I pulled the knob off, fnaaarrrrrrrr).

Gashaaaan was just mad, think 4 player Point Blank with plastic balls you throw at the screen instead of using guns, huge multiplayer fun and crashingly depressing as the chances of it making it over here are distressingly slim…

Love and Berry was one of the games of the show, and yes, I’m scooping my masculinity out the window with a large shovel.

[ Nov 2 2006 ]

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