Alastair Reynolds, Absolution Gap

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The last book I read was Alastair ReynoldsAbsolution Gap, the latest in a series of books including Revelation Space, Chasm City and Redemption Ark. The first book starts off a bit slow and I confess I had a hard time sticking with it until about the second third. Chasm City was very good, but it was Redemption Ark that was teh kickazz. A veritable gale of space opera goodness sweeping me from start to finish in short order. This really cements Reynolds as one of my favourite authors, along with Vernor Vinge and Kim Stanley Robinson.

Absolution Gap was harder to get into than its predecessor, but not for any reason I can put my finger on. The whole series is highly recommended as some of the very best sci-fi you will likely find.

[ Jul 12 2004 ]

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