V-601SH speaker killswitch

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My phone makes a loud chime sound whenever I take a picture, as part of an anti-upskirt measure all Japanese cellphone makers adopted. I’m not particularly against this, tho it’d have been nicer if I could choose my own sound…

Recently we were taking care of a kitten, a very cute photogenic kitten, and I was taking pictures of it with my phone – but the chime woke him up.

So I made a speaker killswitch. Now I can take silent pictures!

This was a bit of a chore to install, the phone uses a six-pointed screw (which was easily removed with a small enough blade driver) and was incredibly tight inside. I had to cut a hole – larger than I wanted – to allow access to the switch from outside. This was the smallest switch I could find, and it fit absolutely perfectly. Had a bit of trouble after wiring it up when there was no sound at all – thought I had fried it, but the phone was in ‘manner mode’ and was silent while I played back the sample tunes.

[ Jul 23 2004 ]

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