[ Jun 20 2013 ]

Return of Grassy Platforms

Welcome to the third installment in the Grassy Platform series of pointless pixel pondering here at NFGworld.

[ Oct 12 2006 ]

Kororinpa – Nintendo Wii Game Review

When the Wii was released in Japan there was one game that was better than the rest. This is it.

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[ May 19 2004 ]

Making a Saturn USB pad…

I’ve whipped up a more detailed mod than normal over on, showing in detail how I made a Saturn pad into a USB pad. Have a look-see!

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[ Mar 9 2004 ]

dog poo campaign

The Japanese people, as homogenous as they are, all share the same dream: Get a job, get married, get a house, get a dog. Putting aside for a moment the fact that they consider it a dog’s duty to bark incessantly and their apparent unwillingness to train them, everyone with a dog walks the dog […]